Raw Jade Boulders

Our Material: Uncut Jade

Embrace the allure of uncut jade in its most authentic form. Extracted from the heart of Kazakhstan, these untouched boulders house the serene beauty of jade, waiting to be revealed.

Piece of Raw Green Jade

Every jade boulder is a testament to nature's patience, holding within its embrace, centuries of stories, hues, and patterns waiting to be unveiled.

Our Jade is Certified Grade A Fei Cui Jadeite by the HKJSL

Carrying the prestigious certification of Grade A Fei Cui Jadeite by HKJSL, each panel not only speaks of elegance but also guarantees authenticity and premium quality.

Verified Quality Jade

Internationally Certified

Natural Purity

Fei Cui Jade Testing Certification

The Genesis of All Creations

The raw jade boulders serve as the starting point, the canvas, for all jade masterpieces. Their untouched and rugged nature stands as a challenge and an inspiration to artisans everywhere.

Nature's Untapped Majesty

These boulders, with their raw charisma, are a homage to jade in its earliest form, promising infinite possibilities to those with the vision to see beyond the surface.

Raw Jade FragmentRaw Fragment of jade Raw Fragment of Jade

Raw Jade

Venture through a  selection of our jade boulders, each a luminous emblem of opulence and innovation.


Explore the frequently asked questions to get a better grasp of what we can do for you.

Can I choose the size of the raw jade I purchase?

Yes, we offer a diverse range of sizes, including some impressively large boulders, catering to varied requirements.

How do I determine the quality of jade inside the boulder

While the external appearance offers clues, the true marvel of jade is often concealed within. Many enthusiasts and artisans relish the process of discovery as they work with raw jade.

Do I get special pricing for bulk orders?

Indeed, we do. For those looking to order in bulk, we have structured pricing benefits. Please contact us directly for specifics.

Can I request samples before placing a larger order?

Of course! At Jade Vault, we stand by the quality of our products and offer samples to ensure your complete contentment before any substantial commitment.

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