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Jade Carvings – A Symphony of Skill and Splendor

Meticulously carved, each jade piece is a testament to our unyielding commitment to perfection. From delicate figurines to statuesque masterpieces, our jade carvings exemplify artistic grandeur and unmatched durability.

Jade Carving inside Bangle
Imperial Jade Carving

From the first chisel strike to the last polish, every carving is a journey. A voyage from raw jade to an awe-inspiring artifact, each piece has a unique narrative of craftsmanship and vision.

Our Jade is Certified Grade A Fei Cui Jadeite by the HKJSL

Each Jade Vault carving is crafted from authenticated  Grade A Fei Cui Jadeite. This isn't just about beauty; it's about genuine, unparalleled quality you can trust.

Verified Quality Jade

Internationally Certified

Natural Purity

Fei Cui Jade Testing Certification

A Tribute to Traditional Mastery

jade carvings are more than mere objects; they're embodiments of ancestral craftsmanship. Skillfully chiseled by native Chinese artisans with decades of experience, each artifact mirrors a seamless marriage of tradition and finesse.

Jade – A Limitless Canvas for Carving

No matter the size or complexity of the desired piece, our jade material stands ready. From the intricacies of smaller sculptures to the grandeur of life-size custom carvings, or even if you need raw material for your artistic endeavors, Jade Vault will provide.

Commercial Green Jade Necklace CarvingCircular Pendant carvingRectangular Carving

Small Carvings

Trust is paramount. Our jade doesn't just entice with its beauty, it carries with it the emblem of genuineness. Certified as Grade A Fei Cui Jadeite by HKJSL, it stands as a testimony to pure artistry and unblemished quality.

Large Carvings

For those with a grander vision, our artisans are equipped to carve out imposing masterpieces. Alternatively, for fellow artisans, we supply top-grade jade material tailored for sizeable carvings.

Dragon CarvingBudda CarvingLarge Chinese-styled Animal Carving


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Carved vs. Plain: What's the difference in quality?

The distinction lies in design and artistry. Both our carved and plain rings are crafted from the same high-quality jadeite, ensuring consistent excellence across our collection.

Can I order rings in different sizes?

Absolutely. We cater to a wide range of sizes to fit diverse clientele needs. If you have specific requirements, please let us know.

Do I receive discounts for large orders?

Indeed. We offer a structured pricing system for larger orders. Kindly reach out for specific details.

Can I request custom carvings or designs?

Certainly. Our artisans excel in transforming visions into reality. Share your design aspirations, and we'll guide you through the bespoke order process.

How are the rings packaged for delivery?

Given the precious nature of jade and its intricate designs, we employ secure packaging and efficient shipping methods, ensuring safe delivery.

Can I view samples before a substantial purchase?

Of course. We understand the essence of firsthand experience. We're happy to provide samples to ensure your complete satisfaction.

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